Welcome to Elkhart County FairEntry. Your user name and password is the same as for 4HOnline. You must be an active member from 4HOnline prior to any entries on this site.

Please enter all your 2020 Elkhart County 4-H fair exhibits, there are no open class exhibits on this site for 2020. The deadline for entering most exhibits is July 20,2020.

Know that all static projects will be judged virtually and will require photos and other information. If you are showing your animals virtually it will also require photos and a video for most of them. Have those ready when you are imputing data. You would have recivied the packet of information in the Friday 4-H Nugget on 6.19.2020

Poultry will close on July 1.

For animals that require entering animal ID; they must have already been completed in 4HOnline.

You will need to process all the way through the payment feature and hit the submit button when you are done before we see any of your exhibits; there are no fees collected on this site so the $$ due will be zero.

If you need help or have questions, please contact the Purdue-Elkhart County Extension office at 574-533-0554.